The Sword ‘Reigns Supreme’ at Emo’s

I’m not fond of assembling top ten lists – of anything, really. But it must be duly noted: The Sword‘s Apocryphon made it onto not only my list, but also on the list of Texas Music Matters grand poobah, David Brown. Proud to say we dig it loud.

There have been a number of raves for the Austin quartet’s latest album. Tales of doom and destruction reign supreme on this apocalyptic journey, most fitting for the atmosphere feeding some people’s fascination with the Mayans’ calendar computations. Apocryphon is absolute metal rock in one of its purer forms – just check out the riffs, the volume, the vocals and the elaborate tales from the netherworld.

Bring me my own sword, knave. The Sword recently completed an extended tour with fellow Austinites Eagle Claw. On December 19th, they took over Emo’s, 2015 E. Riverside Dr. Joining them on the bill were Gypsyhawk and American Sharks.  Highly recommended.

AMM-Dec-19th-2012 <<Download

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