The Way You Want Me To

Jackie Lee Young

It’s one of those pairings that makes sense. In the case of Harry & Emmy, it’s two songwriters who are standout artists with their respective bands, and as solo performers – Emily Whetstone is the talent behind Van Mary, while Harrison Anderson spent time with pop outfit SMiiLE and folk/soul pop quintet Dreamboat before doing his own thing. As Harry & Emmy, they have a vocal chemistry conjuring the essence of classic country/western croons, that old-school harmonizing that makes heartache feel so…good.

This week, Harry & Emmy make a grand return to Hole in the Wall to sweep you off your feet with a performance tomorrow night, Tuesday Nov. 7. The show includes sets by Alex Dupree and Jenny Carson. The music starts at 9 p.m.

AMM Nov. 6 2023

Harry & Emmy at Hole In the Wall on Tuesday, with

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