The Worried Coat

It weighs on the shoulders of the uneasy, this particular item from the wardrobe…

There are multiple voices on Adam Ostrar‘s The Worried Coat. Wait, hang on. To be clear, it’s definitely Ostrar’s vocals you hear on his fantastic second solo release, a brilliant 12-track LP redefining everything addictive about folk/rock/pop sounds. The album in its entirety, every single subtlety, radiates a classic feel without an ounce of pale imitation. And this is not a nostalgic trip, either. Ostrar has described his latest work as twelve narratives of “otherness, self-identity,” and that wretched, debilitating beast known as anxiety. “How we often betray our best intentions through willful ignorance,” he’s explained.

It’s outstanding. Get yourself a copy of the new album at Ostrar’s release performance tonight at the Museum of Human Achievement, tucked in the back of the property at Springdale and Lyons in East Austin. The show is paired perfectly with the release of poet Phillip Trussell‘s literary debut, Sentences, plus performances by Thor & Friends, and Spliff Kazoo.

The event begins at 7:30 p.m. Very recommended, indeed. With special thanks to Super Secret Records and Cuneiform Press.

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