This Is My Victory Song

I’d gotten word pretty late about Scott H. Biram‘s recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, performing “The White Trash Song” alongside featured guest artist (and fellow badass) Shooter Jennings, but I did have the opportunity to see the video later. You could hear the crowd cheering Biram on as he belted out the song. I expected no less from the self-described “dirty old one man band.” He totally owned it. The lovely Cella Blue of The White Ghost Shivers put it quite perfectly: “Scott H. Biram did Austin proud tonight on Jay Leno. Chicken and Biscuits baby!!!”

It’s not telling tales out of school to note that I enjoy playing up Biram’s rough-edged image because, quite frankly, that’s the very essence of his music. He is the nitty-gritty trouble-maker, the booze-swillin’ rancorous hoodlum your ma warned you about (who’s fun to be around). Bad attitude? Bad influence? Sign me up. And I’ve said before: Like his persona, there’s no nonsense in the man’s music – no small talk, no pretense, no frivilous musings or forlorn uncertainties. Biram gets down and dirty – like tornado-aftermath messy, the carnage following the battle. He tears things up with a mad mix of rock, blues, country, backwoods hillbilly, punk and – my favorite part – metal. Yes, metal. Sounds like a well-balanced breakfast to me.

Biram will play tonight at The Continental Club, 1315 S. Congress Ave. His set starts at 11:30 p.m. The phenomenal New Orleans gypsy brass rockers The Dirty Bourbon River Show gets things started at 10 p.m. Get you a beer, a whiskey, and get ready to yell. Recommended.

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