Time To Accelerate

London-based duo Jungle seemed rather elusive in the beginning. You simply had the enigmatic figures J and T, both of whom avoided putting themselves in any kind of spotlight, even going so far as to produce videos for their popular singles without appearing in them, and remaining in the background of any promotional shots.

Eventually, the mystery unfolded a bit, revealing more about the artists behind the scenes – childhood buddies Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland, who released their self-titled debut full-length album this past summer. But why all the mystery? Was it an internet marketing strategy to stir up the hype? Lloyd-Watson put things into perspective: He and McFarland wanted the focus placed on their music and art, rather than their profiles.

Jungle (the album) brings a more atmospheric funk to a new generation, maybe even go so far as to describe it as reflective funk – darker, trip-hoppy, modernistic funk for the moody urbanite.

Jungle’s tour includes a stop in Austin for a show tonight at the Mohawk, 912 Red River, on the outside stage. After the show, head inside for spins from DJ’s Lambda (brought to you by Electric Tooth ATX) and Iron Mike.

Looks like a night of your best funky dance moves. Recommended.

– Photography by Oliver Hadlee Pearch

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