Trouble In the Streets at Empire

More is on the way from Project Traction, the mentorship program founded by Public Hi-Fi owner Jim Eno (Spoon) to create more opportunities for women and non-binary producers and engineers. Megz Kelli (Magna Carda), Sara Houser (S.L. Houser) and Kam Franklin (The Suffers) are among the artists participating, and it’s provided an opportunity for making new music. Most recently, Lizzy Lehman‘s “Sweet Relief,” The Ghost Wolves“Elsa”, and ATX duo Nolina‘s “(Woke Up) Loving You” have come from Project Traction, as well as KUTX-featured track “How High,” produced by Emilie Basez (Ley Line) and Eno, with songwriter/vocalist Nnedi Agbaroji of Trouble In the Streets.

“How High” shows just one side of the multi-faceted, multi-talented Agbaroji. The AMM recommends experiencing the funk-ified electro groove thunder of Trouble In the Streets at their performance tonight, Saturday May 21, at Empire Control Room on E. 7th. They share the bill with Bourgeois Mystics and Shaws of Awe. Doors open at 8 p.m.

AMM May 21 2022

Trouble In the Streets at Empire Control Room, Saturday May 21, with Bourgeois Mystics and Shaws of Awe.

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