Un Homenaje A Brownout

Steven Alcala

It’s a fact. Prince got it. Prince totally got Brownout. Surely, you do as well?

The Austin-based Afro-Latin funk/soul outfit proved it’s no mere Grupo Fantasma offshoot with the fiery 2008 debut, Homenaje. The collective pretty much bled its entire soul into this homage to their ’70s Latin funk influences, from Fela Kuti to Manu Dibango to Santana. Seeing Brownout unleash this level of fervor at a live show totally sealed the deal. Brownout is a force.

So many musical adventures paved the way for this band of badasses, from the mind-blowing Black Sabbath tributes Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath and Brown Sabbath Vol. II, which even won over some of the most diehard metal fans, to the originals on the four-track shredder Over the Covers, to the phenomenal Public Enemy-inspired Fear of A Brown Planet. This impressive resume led to opportunities to step in as a backing band for the likes of rapper GZA, keyboard maestro Bernie Worrell, and the aforementioned, His Royal Purple Highness.

It sounds weird to say it all started twenty years ago, but it’s true. Brownout has a lot to celebrate, including the 15-year anniversary of Homenaje. Catch the fire at their big anniversary show tonight, Saturday June 24, at Mohawk on the outside stage. Doors at 7 p.m., with Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band kicking off the party. This one’s so recommended it hurts…

Nolan Potter

AMM June 24 2023

Brownout 20th Anniversary show, tonight at Mohawk, with Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band.

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