Vortexas Vorever

Mike Manewitz

This one’s for you, pardner, from the depths of your country-fried soul to the soles of those badass chartreuse cowboy boots. Embracing “glam senselessness and country sensibility,” Pelvis Wrestley holds the sounds of classic country to heart, while ushering in a new era in which songwriter/vocalist Benjamin Violet shapes a distinctive western-infused baroque pop with a queer Americana aesthetic. Pelvis Wrestley’s debut LP Vortex Vorever is Violet’s love letter to the journey…along the highway, across the stretch of plains, the music always calling.

Pelvis Wrestley kicks off a musical residency tomorrow night, Tuesday Feb. 7, at Hole In the Wall. This week’s stellar line-up includes a set by Emily Whetstone (Harry and Emmy, Van Mary), music artist Román‘s folk punk project Specific Thing, and power trio Hong Kong Wigs. Doors at 8 p.m.

AMM Feb. 6 2023

Pelvis Wrestley musical residency, starting Tuesday Feb. 7

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