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In case you didn’t make the connection – but you probably did, because you’re cool and listen to the Austin Music Minute, right?! – songwriter Taylor Wilkins splits his time between two music projects that are worth your while. There’s his band Otis the Destroyer, which you can see the on first weekend of ACL Fest this year; and something that was (maybe until recently) regarded as something from the mellower side of the spectrum, Otis Wilkins.

However, as Wilkins recently explained to writer Kevin Curtin in the Austin Chronicle, the days of Otis Wilkins’ more Americana-tinged oeuvre are on the way out. One listen to the newest release, the hook-and-groove charged “Joni Mitchell Was Punk,” and you’ll feel it. Producer Walker Lukens worked with Wilkins on this addictive track about owning up to one’s faults.

Otis Wilkins’ single release show is tonight at Stubb’s indoor venue, 801 Red River. They share the bill with Zettajoule and Jane Ellen Bryant. Doors open at 8 p.m. So recommended.

-Photo courtesy of the artist.

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