Wilder West

The romanticized images of the wild West tend to be over the top thanks to film, especially the so-called “spaghetti” Westerns (the subgenre of Western film made in Europe – namely those of Sergio Leone). Just a few notes of that Ennio Morricone music and you know the gritty, violent exchanges in the harshest sunlit glare are about to kick off. But here’s an idea: Put all that aside. ATX pysch rockers Sheverb bring a fierce reimagining of those rogue days with full-on scorched landscape vibes and surf-inspired rock. Today’s AMM features “Pamela Anderson Was a Prophet,” their first new song since releasing their Southern Californian ambient escapade, Once Upon a Time in Bombay Beach.

Sheverb continues their November musical residency at The 13th Floor this week with another great line-up. New Mexico songwriter Rooster Blackspur, ATX multi-genre collective Lasso, and special guest artist/poet Hank Opal Jove will join Sheverb tonight, Wednesday Nov. 9, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

AMM Nov. 9 2022

Sheverb residency at The 13th Floor, with Rooster Blackspur, Lasso and Hank Opal Jove.

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