Wild, Wild Life

It shouldn’t take long to figure out that Wild Bill & The Lost Knobs is not for…shall we say, the comically-challenged? Those lacking a sense of humor? Whatever. Deal with it. But it’s not like there isn’t a lot of love that goes into their music, because there is, along with respect and reverence for individuals who stand above the fray and won’t be pushed around. For your listening (and sing-along) pleasure, Wild Bill weaves great tales of mischief, multiple mishaps, partying hard, not giving a damn, shrugging off the misery and taking another swig. Or smoke. You know. Somethin’ fer evr’body.

There is ample room for singing along to Wild Bill songs, especially for longtime fans who caught his weekly Flipnotics gigs back in the day and learned all the lyrics – and audience participation moments. Deviled eggs never looked the same after that. These days, you may catch Bill and company at The ABGB or Hole In the Wall, or making the rounds each year with his brilliantly twisted Christmas extravaganza (check the classic track “Jesus Is the Reason For the Season, But I’m the Reason She’s Leavin'”). The band was invited to play the Eroica Britannia Festival in England this summer, with an accompanying UK tour.

Now you’ve got a chance to see Wild Bill & The Lost Knobs take over the room tomorrow night at The White Horse, 500 Comal. Gumbo Ce Soir starts out the night at 8 p.m., Bill and his crew play at 10 p.m., then the awesome Elsa Cross rounds out the evening at 11 p.m. So recommended.

– Photo courtesy of SONIC VAULT.

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