Truly a Renaissance man. No exaggeration. Songwriter. Musician. Multi-media artist – which you’ll know first hand if you’ve ever been to Mobley performance. And now, in the recent words of Jonny Jukebox, “Are you ready for the next level?”

Mobley’s journey takes its next cue from a collection of demos titled Worktape, and that’s exactly what it is. The great and powerful musical wizard pulls back the curtain for a glimpse into his creative process, from lyric writing to piecing songs together, featuring rough cuts from Young and Dying In the Occident Supreme, and Cry Havoc!. Though none of these demos were meant for public consumption, Mobley describes Worktape as a retroactive voyeurism hopefully leading to a deeper insight and connection to the music.

It’s time for an unorthodox performance experience. Presenting Mobley | A Deconstructed Concert: No speakers, no raised stage, no physical barriers. Just a pair of headphones for each audience member for this astounding immersive event, culminating in a live track recording for Mobley’s next album. The concert is this Saturday night, Sept. 30, at Originator Studios, 718 Northwestern Ave., with special guests Urban Heat and the aforementioned Jonny Jukebox. Ticket info available via Mobley’s website.

AMM Sept. 28 2023

Mobley | A Deconstructed Concert, Saturday Sept. 30 at Originator Studios, with Urban Heat and Jonny Jukebox.

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