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Michael Maly

A time for new music…and new beginnings.

AMM Jan. 19 2024

L.C. Franke performs at 8 p.m. Saturday night at C-Boy’s Heart and Soul.

For today’s Love Austin Music Month feature, the AMM bids you welcome to the world of L.C. Franke, multitalented songwriter and vocalist bringing you into a moonlit fold of smoldering, sophisticated jazz-pop; your dashing guide through a smoky, ruby-lit nightclub, where crooners like…say, Sinatra would feel right at home.

So, who is this striking yet enigmatic figure? In a nutshell, Franke is a seasoned artist exploring a different avenue in this iteration of his career, reverential of the great balladeers before his time, bit of a sentimental side. Franke has opened for The Walkmen and The Wallflowers, but recently made his own solo headliner debut at Monks Jazz Club in Austin, performing to a sold-out room.

More shows are on the way this year, leading up to the release of a debut album, which Franke pulled out all the stops for, complete with a full orchestra and an ensemble of specially selected musicians and artists to bring this vision to life. As for you, dear music lover, dust off your own well-tailored ensemble and head out tomorrow night to see L.C. Franke at C-Boy’s Heart and Soul on S. Congress Ave., The show begins at 8 p.m. sharp, so don’t be late. It’s followed by THEBROSFRESH birthday bash at 10 p.m., which the AMM told you about earlier this week. All in all, a splendid night. Raising a glass to this next chapter. Cheers.

L.C. Franke at Monks Jazz Club. Photo: Michael Maly.

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