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Photo by Michael Minasi/KUTX



Shot in East Austin, August 2020
Credits: Cameras: Michael Minasi; Edit: Michael Minasi; Audio Mix: Jake Perlman; Producer: Deidre Gott; Stylist: Thrifted Feels 

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“Lifetime” –  Jay Wile

Produced by Jay Wile, Larce Blake (Dallas) and Charles Moon (Austin)

Back in March, Charles sent over a drum loop he had put together. It caught my ear immediately, so I sat down and made a demo over a synth that I added on top of the drums. I liked the idea but I knew it needed some beefing up and arranging so I sent it over to Larce to help finish it and he killed it.

Larce and Charles are two collaborators I’ve worked with on many songs so our process is rather streamlined. They understand the vision and where I want to take the music and I’ve learned to trust them to challenge me and get me out of my safe zone. All of the songs from this EP mean so much to me, Better Times is a project that I really put my full focus and effort into these last few months in quarantine. Between writing, producing and mixing the record, I learned so much about the craft, but more about myself.

“Lifetime” in particular really resonated with me when I was writing the song. I wanted to encourage and uplift listeners and be mindful that this struggle is temporary. Even in the midst of a bad storm, if you keep fighting, there’s a better day ahead. – Jay Wile

Better Times EP By Jay Wile is out now


Better Times EP Credits

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