2022 Artist of the Month Holiday Gift Guide

Maile Carballo

Give the gift of Austin music this holiday season!

San Gabriel – January 2022

Red Heart Shaped Shades Tee

We’ve got heart eyes for San Gabriel and so do you, so it’s only fair that we tell you about the literal heart eyes on this shirt. San Gabriel may send subliminal messages but we won’t, we’ll just tell you, BUY BUY BUY THE SHIRT.

Chief Cleopatra – February 2022

Chief Cleopatra Sticker

This sticker is THE MOST versatile way to show off your love for Chief Cleopatra. I mean, you can put it virtually on EVERYTHING. Your laptop, your reusable water bottle, your phone case, your bumper, and hell, you can even put it on your diary so only you and Chief Cleopatra know your deepest secrets.

Sir Woman – March 2022

Bitch T-Shirt

Bitch, you need to get this shirt. Buy it, Bitch. Happy Holidays, Bitch.

“69” ring

Speaks for itself.

Buffalo Hunt – April 2022

Ambitions of Ambiguity Pink Vinyl

This record is fabulous. Rather than just a plain black record, this is pink AND its got a special rainbow foil printed jacket. This gift carries the WOW factor for any record lover, and a double WOW factor for any Buffalo Hunt fan, and a TRIPLE WOW factor for any KUTX fan because they’ll know where you got the inspiration. If the presentation of the album and triple WOW doesn’t impress you, the sound of the album sure will.

Good Looks – May 2022

Bummer Year Socks

Who wants to hear “I got you socks”? No one. Who wants to hear “I got you Good Looks socks”? Everyone.

Though these socks say bummer, they prove to be otherwise. These socks keep your toes warm. You can represent Good Looks in low-top shoes. You can even rock socks with sandals. What’s not to love?

Caleb de Casper – June 2022

De Candle

These candles are great for a shrine or even wishing to St. De Casper that all your wildest dreams will come true. By getting the De Candles you will get on St. De Caspers good graces and he will grant all of your wishes.

Urban Heat – July 2022

Have You Ever Tee

Have you ever had such a cool looking tee? Probably not, which is exactly why you need this one! Urban Heat is on fire with their new album so clearly they had to put fire on their shirt to make everyone aware.

Deezie Brown – August 2022

Malice County T-Shirt

This shirt makes a badass addition to your wardrobe. Especially if your New Years resolution is to be a badass!

Moody Bank$ – September 2022


Love Moody Bank$, get this custom mushroom ash tray! It’s a perfect way to spruce up your living space and show your favorite artist of the month some love! But what makes this even more awesome is that its multipurpose.

Don’t smoke? Incense ash tray!

Don’t use incense? Jewelry holder!

Don’t wear jewelry? Coin tray!

No loose change? A decorative piece!

Como Las Movies – October 2022

“Viejito Dancer” Limited Edition T-shirt

Nothing says “I love you” like a Limited Edition Como Las Movies shirt. Get one for all of your family members, your mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cat, dog, lizard, everyone. And don’t forget to get one for yourself, come on people it’s 2022 self-love is important.

Luna Luna – November 2022

Carousel Limited Blue Cassette

Haven’t you heard? Old is new, and vintage is hip! Cassettes are being uplifted from their grave to bring us the sounds of Luna Luna’s Carousel. Don’t like blue? Thats alright, they’ve also get it in “Pearl White” and “Clear”.

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