A Toast To the First Year

It was easy to spot the former Poodle Dog Lounge at 6507 Burnet Rd., complete with regal poodle painted on the front of the building. If you didn’t know any better, it sounded like it had a foo-foo name. However, it was anything but. It was the real deal, for drinks and the occasional band, although it was not a music venue. Unfortunately, as with many Austin institutions facing climbing rent prices, the dive bar had to close its doors for good.

Along came new owners Donya and Randall Stockton, who decided that, even if the Poodle Dog couldn’t stay, the spirit of that little neighborhood institution would be kept alive and well. And indeed, it is. You feel it the moment you walk in, even after a bit of fixing, updating and remodeling of the place. The Aristocrat Lounge remains true to its awesome divey roots, with a little something extra that keeps it from becoming another generic, cookie-cutter bore.

Aristocrat manager Austin Kalman recently visited KUTX host Laurie Gallardo for an interview about the bar’s 1st anniversary party, happening today. Doors open at 5 p.m., and special musical guest Devin James Fry will perform starting at 10 p.m.

-Photo: From left to right – Randall Stockton, Donya Stockton, and Austin Kalman. Courtesy of the Aristocrat Lounge. 

-Music featured: Devin James Fry, “Bloodstone (I’m Not Afraid To Die),” Headwater Songs; “I Touch My Face In Hyperspace Oh Yeah,” Hyperspace EP.

Click on the mp3 below to hear the interview.

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