Austin Music We’re Loving

Four new songs from Austin artists that we can’t get enough of.

by Taylor Wallace-Riegel

Pelvis Wrestley: “Keep On Running” 

Our June Artist of the Month glitters in glam, expanding the ever-evolving definition of Americana. “Keep On Running” pushes forward, with synth chords and a chorus that become a Springsteen-like chant. Blended with the elegance of Jobriath, Pelvis Wrestley continues to beg the question, “What is an American and what is American music?”


THEBROSFRESH: “Your Energy” 

Each song from this Austin-by-way-of-Baton Rogue duo has its own personality. Using their toybox of genres, this track highlights their “GuitaR&B,” blending blues guitars and smooth soul with polished production. The juxtaposition is refreshing, and we’re glad to call them part of the Austin Music Experience.  


Wild Child: “Dear John” 

Don’t worry, this isn’t a Taylor Swift cover. It is a story about a too-familiar break-up, told from both sides. Maybe you haven’t stopped caring about them, but you’re done being part of the mess. The hard guitar riffs of the song punctuate the growing boundary you’re putting between yourself and the situation. Like every emotional facet of relationships, Wild Child nails this emotion, too.  


Darkbird: “Crimes” 

“Crimes” puts this indie rock group’s affinity for new wave at the forefront. Like a song at the climax of a John Hughes film, the energy leaves you wondering who is the criminal, you or them? All we know is we need a full-on toe bouncer to live it out.


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