Austin Week In Angers: Austin Music in France

KUTX host and producer Laurie Gallardo was invited to represent Austin music and KUTX during this month’s Austin Week celebration in Angers, France, a week-long cultural exchange between the two sister cities featuring art, Texas cuisine, and some of Austin’s best musicians.

Gallardo travelled to France with Project ATX6, a group of emerging Austin musicians selected to perform at international music festivals, and filmed by Project ATX6 coordinator Chris Brecht for a documentary series. Five of the six in this year’s ATX6 group – Andy Bianculli, Grace Park, Beth Chrisman, Jai Malano and Elijah Ford – collaborated, played at various Angers venues, and made the most of their brief time in France.

In this hour-long special feature, Gallardo shares a few highlights from the journey, live performances and interviews with Austin Week participants, including artist and musician Ethan Azarian, photographer Letitia Smith, and Austin Angers Creative vice chair Samantha Phelps.

You can listen to “Austin Week in Angers: Austin Music in France” by clicking on the MP3 below.

-Photography by Letitia Smith, White Light Exposure.

-“Austin Week in Angers: Austin Music in France” originally aired Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016 on KUTX 98.9.

-Special thanks to sponsors Radio Coffee and Beer, Buenos Aires Café, The Brixton, Drinks Lounge, Hillside Farmacy, Aviary Lounge, The White Horse, The Side Bar, The Wheel, Great American Smiles, Machine Head Coffee, and Pete Reid Law, PLLC for helping make Laurie’s trip possible.

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