Back Home To The Armadillo

Artwork by Jim Franklin. Learn about KUTX’s plans for the 50th anniversary of Armadillo World Headquarters HERE.

Back Home To The Armadillo

August 15, 2020

In August of 1970, a music venue opened on the corner of Barton Springs Road and South First in Austin, Texas. The building was an old National Guard armory—no air conditioning, no seating, just a giant cavernous space that frankly, was not well suited for music. Yet this local eyesore would go on to change the identity of Austin, culturally, politically, and artistically. Its reverberations would be felt far and wide, helping turn Austin into the Live Music Capital of the World. This is the story of how that happened. This is the story of the Armadillo World Headquarters.

Armadillo World Headquarters 50th Anniversary Art from original AWHQ artists Danny Garrett and Jim Franklin

Join KUTX as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this historic music venue. On August 15, hear an hour-long oral history featuring staff, musicians, and fans. They trace the Armadillo’s immense impact as a music incubator, community gathering space, and home to hundreds of life-altering concerts: Willie Nelson to Frank Zappa. The Runaways to the Ramones. Freddie King to the Clash. You’ll learn why 50 years later, the Armadillo World Headquarters is still a beacon for Austin’s past, present, and future.

Production/original music by Art Levy. Special thanks to Jeff McCoy, Ann Liefeste, Nick Marcotte, Eddie Wilson, Mike Tolleson, Jim Franklin, Jesse Sublett, Danny Garrett, Cole Hunt, Lydia Fortuna, the 2010 Armadillo Oral History Project, and the Austin Museum of Popular Culture for helping make this celebration possible.

Back Home To The Armadillo features interviews with: Bill Bentley, Craig Calvert, Matt Coldwell, Connie Cooper, Peggy Crakes, Deborah Davidson, Roger Edmonson, Jim Franklin, Stephen Hansen, Charlotte Jernigan, Anna Jones, Tim Jones, Frank King, John Kunz, Cindy Marabito, Becky McCarty, Jason Mellard, Debi Moen, Bill Narum, Willie Nelson, Max Nofziger, Michael Osborne, Meredith Patterson, Micael Priest, Bobtom Reed, Susan Rose, Fran Rush, Jane Smith, Jesse Sublett, Soll Sussman, Mike Tolleson, Kathy Valentine, Bruce Willenzik, Eddie Wilson, and Michael Wimer.

KUTX’s month-long celebration of 50 years of the Armadillo World Headquarters is made possible with support from Silicon Labs.

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