Best of April 2022

Studio 1A did a bit of globetrotting this month from a hometown performance by the Heartless Bastards, to Ghana by way of Australia’s Genesis Owusu, and Venezuela’s Silvana Estrada. Not only did our Concert Club experience music from around the world, but many worlds of music including hip hop, folk, rock, and more. March was a bit crazy too, so we held on to a few performances so they wouldn’t get lost among all the SXSW news. We didn’t want you to miss Texan Charley Crockett’s pop-up performance at Luck Reunion! We hope you enjoy these amazing performances, and of course, stay tuned because there are many more videos arriving in the near future!

Heartless Bastards 4.15.22

Backed by some of Austin’s best musicians, Erika performed a few songs from the new album for some lucky audience members. They kicked off with the title track “A Beautiful Life,” a perfect example of the laid back, thoughtfully crafted rock ‘n’ roll that defines the new music. Shimmering guitar swelling into revelatory vocal crescendos reminding us “It’s a beautiful life, It’s a beautiful life if you let it be.”

Genesis Owusu 4.14.22

Owusu leans into his individuality, and our concert club members experienced it first hand as he entered Studio 1A flanked by bondage attire wearing backup dancers, adorned with his shiny gold grill and rose-red two-piece suit.

Charley Crockett – “Lonely In Person” from Luck Reunion 2022

Country music does not need to be preserved–preservation is a word reserved for the disappearing and dying, and country music will forever be among the most enduring roots of our culture. With that said, sometimes new seeds forget where they came from, but that can’t be further from the truth with Texas’ own Charley Crockett.

Silvana Estrada 3.31.22

There is an indescribable serenity in the gentle plucking of the Venezuelan cuatro as Silvana Estrada cries out and tells stories of the lovers and life experiences that shaped her. 

Daniel Rossen 3.27.22

With the first flowers also arrived our first live broadcast from Studio 1A in over two years with Daniel Rossen. The Department of Eagles and Grizzly Bear member ended his live performance hibernation as well, confessing to our Concert Club members they were the first people he had performed in front of in over three years! 

Linqua Franqa – “Bellringer” From KUTX Live in Studio 6A (SXSW 2022)

Athens, Georgia based rapper, activist, and local politician Mariah Parker, a.k.a Linqua Franqa, is on a mission to destroy apathy. The hard-hitting lyrics on their new album, Bellringer, touch on everything from capitalism, mental health, and racism, to graphic moments of violent injustice.

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