Best of Studio 1A

Best of Studio 1A from September 2016

9.6.16 – Adam Torres – “High Lonesome” 

As the fall slowly eases in, Adam Torres’ voice is reminiscent of the first sip of coffee that you have on a cool mid-October morning. Equally soothing and eAdam-Torresnergizing, Torres’ new album Pearls To Swine takes the traditional singer-songwriter formula and builds upon it to create something elegant and tranquil. The backing instrumentation is just as beautiful, creating a somewhat gothic atmosphere to compliment the vocals.

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9.6.16 –  Mild High Club – “Homage”

Mild-High-Club-Crack open a can of Billy Beer and get excited, because Mild High Club is back with a brand new album.  The new album continues the resurgence of the 70’s soft rock revival, while filtering it through a heavier, psychedelic vibe.  Skiptracing is Alex Brettin’s follow up to last year’s Timeline, and it allows Brettin to further distinguish himself from the tired comparisons to Mac Demarco and other Steely Dan aficionados. It’s the perfect soundtrack for your end of summer comedown party.


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9.12.16- The Campbell Brothers– “Hell No, Heaven Yes”

campbell-brothersHailing from Rochester, New York, The Campbell Brothers take gospel classics and reinvent them into something that is meant to be heard on a sound system that only arena-sized churches could provide.  The four brothers’ sound is defined by their bluesy and soulful use of steel instruments, which sets them apart from other gospel acts.  Their steel guitar can squeal out a beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace” that will rival any other gospel singer, and it will make you feel like you just got out of the most uplifting sermon, no matter what time of day it is.


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9.12.16- Tele Novella– “Sacramento” 

EL9A5981a8x5Austin’s Tele Novella say they take their inspiration from bands like the Velvet Underground, but their pop music is infused with a bit more spooky melodrama. Vocalist Natalie Gordon, who fronted the California outfit Agent Ribbons, slurs her words with narcotic charm, and she’s backed in shadowy hues by a band that includes a couple of members of the former Austin group Voxtrot, Tele Novella got their start in 2014, and caught a break when a song of theirs was featured in the ABC series ‘Pretty Little Liars’.


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9.17.16- Tegan and Sara– “Stop Desire

Tegan_and_Sara_FB-984x500-960x400Ever since they formed in 1995, Tegan and Sara have drastically evolved their sound.  Initially breaking into the mainstream with quirky folk melodies, now they make some of the most raw and emotional pop music available. This is especially true on the Canadian twin sisters’ latest release, Love You to Death, which is a glittery take on synthpop that would be the perfect fit for a modern remake of any John Hughes classic.  A progression of the glossy and catchy tracks that were on 2013’s Heartthrob.



9.22.16- Old 97’s – “Longer Than You’ve Been Alive” 97s

Making their way through central Texas, alternative country legends Old 97’s dropped by Studio 1A to share the love. These guys have been one of Texas’ most cherished groups, providing a soundtrack for the lives of fans who have adored them since their breakout in the mid 90’s when frontman Rhett Miller formed the group with bassist Murry Hammond. Joining forces shortly after with guitarist Ken Bethea and drummer Philip Peeples, the band landed a major-label deal with Elektra Records in 1997, have since recorded nearly a dozen studio albums, and played hundreds, if not thousands, of sold out shows. The Dallas-based quartet is as tight as ever and show no signs of stopping the train any time soon.



9.23.16- The Well – “Drug From The Banks”

the wellThe Well is deep. The Well is dark. The Well is scary. So why do we want to jump in? We found ourselves wrestling with this very question after a visit from The Well, one of Austin’s newest hard rock groups. The Well materialized after guitarist/vocalist Ian Graham received a pink slip from his previous band, forcing him to find new musical companions brave enough to tackle his brand of sludgy stoner rock. The quest for new bandmates eventually led to a productive partnership with bassist/vocalist Lisa Alley and drummer Jason Sullivan from his previous band. Together, they take the metal of Black Sabbath blend it with the drone of Sleep for an adventurous take on heavy rock.


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9.23.16- Corinne Bailey Rae– “I’ve Been To The Moon”

29799992421_13282f4b8d_kThe British soul singer’s journey has been one of success and heartbreak, with a personal loss in 2008 and a stressful record label shakekup in 2012, the ups and downs have left Corinne with no shortage of experiences to draw from for her new album, The Heart Speaks In Whispers, released early 2016. Described as “boundary-defying, epic music” by NPR, and “fearless—an essential modern day soul album” by POPMATTERS, the album stirs the hearts of listeners with the energy of an artist who has overcome great loss with a continued passion for music.



9.27.16- Big Thief – “Real Lovebig-thief-

It’s hard to be angsty and angelic at the same time, but Big Thief manages to execute this perfectly.  Adrianne Lenker’s dreamy vocals compliment the dynamic slacker rock instrumentation to create catchy, but inventive tunes. Their latest album, Masterpiece, takes some bedroom pop flair and soaks it in 90’s grunge and alternative. It’s a soft, delightful album, but also one with a lot of attitude. If you want to relive how you felt in your dorm room after your first college breakup, then look no further.


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okkervil-19.28.16- Okkervil River – “The Industry” 

Some people might think it’s hard to create rock music that doesn’t sound like anyone else in this day and age, but Okkervil River still manage to do that.  Even though they have had a slew of lineup changes, frontman Will Sheff’s somber vocals are just as powerful as ever.  The graceful melodies created by the rest of the band create an elegant contrast that make their newest album Away a raw and unforgettable experience. Their songwriting paints a vivid picture of what it is like to be emotionally overwhelmed.


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