Best Songs Ever…10.4.19

Photos from left to right – (Shura, Billie Eilish, Jay Som)
KUTX Host Taylor Wallace spills the beans on the BEST SONGS EVER! At least for this week.

Shura – “Forever”
Let’s start with a couple of women playing ACL Fest this weekend. First, British singer Shura, who’s sound is best classified as 90s vintage pop. Imagine some of your favorite early Mariah Carey songs, but they’re about kissing and having long-night, flirty phone calls with other girls. Don’t dismiss it as just being pop though. There’s a lot going on in her multi-layered sound. You can see Shura at both weekends of ACL Fest and on the new Bonus Tracks stage recording an episode of our podcast This Song. Here she is with “Forever.”

Billie Eilish – “bury a friend”
Full transparency: I never thought I’d be personally lauding this next artist, but hey, you’re never too cool to appreciate a good song. Billie Eilish is one of the biggest pop stars in the world right now, having recently graced the cover of Rolling Stone. Slick, morbid, and studded with just the right amount bass, this song sweetly showcases the songwriting team of Billie and her brother Finneas O’Connell. Also playing both weekends of ACL Fest, here’s Billie Eilish with “bury a friend.”


Jay Som – “Superbike”
And from L.A.’s A-list to its underground, this last song is by an artist I’ve been falling in love with for years. Melina Mae Duterte is the brain behind bedroom-pop outfit Jay Som. The new album, Anak Ko, is the first Duterte recorded with a full band. “Superbike” has catchy hooks, dreamy harmonies, and its lo-fi lean emphatically epitomizes the album’s hazy mood.



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