Best Songs Ever…11.08.19

Photos from left to right – (Hovvdy, Matt Berninger/Phoebe Bridges, Growlers)
KUTX’s Matt Reilly spills the beans on the BEST SONGS EVER! At least for this week.

First up, a song from the current KUTX Artist of the Month. This Austin duo writes minimalist tunes with quiet, intricate harmonies. On first listen, this can come across as a light, carefree track, but it rewards you on repeated listens. Here’s Hovvdy with “Mr. Lee.”
Matt Berninger feat. Phoebe Bridgers- “Walking On A String
Next up, a serious collaboration from a silly movie. If you’ve seen the Between Two Ferns movie and didn’t blink during this quick part, you may have seen the bar scene with Matt Berninger of the National and Phoebe Bridgers playing a delicate and beautiful tune together. Here it is: “Walking On A String.”
Growlers-“Social Man”
Finally, music from the California band the Growlers. This song feels familiar because we’ve probably heard this disco riff before. What makes it special is what makes all Growlers songs special: it’s just a little bit off-kilter, in the best way. Here’s “Social Man,” by the Growlers.

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