Best Songs Ever… 6.28.19

Photos from left to right – (Japanese Breakfast; Fruit Bats; Otis Wilkins )

KUTX Host Laurie Gallardo spills the beans on the BEST SONGS EVER! At least for this week.

Japanese Breakfast – “Essentially”

I’m starting out with a very cool track by Japanese Breakfast, called “Essentially.” It’s electro-synth-pop goodness by Japanese Breakfast songwriter and vocalist Michelle Zauner. This is a one-off track included on the W Records’ singles series, which is the label of W Hotels. It was written by Zauner specifically for this collection, totally on the fly. Totally ‘80s-dream pop vibe all over it.


Fruit Bats – “Gold Past Life”

Now on to another incredibly infectious pop groove with this awesome tune, “Gold Past Life,” the title track to the latest LP by Fruit Bats. Really, Fruit Bats have always made some incredible pop-rock, but there’s more going on beyond the surface. The mind behind the music, Eric D. Johnson, once described it as “existential make-out music.” And this particular album represents new beginnings and surviving the darkest of times.  Soak in the major ‘70s moods and radiant glows on this jam.


Otis Wilkins – “Joni Mitchell Was Punk”

My third selection this week is by an Austin-based band whose front man rather fearlessly moved their sound in another direction, and it’s golden. Otis Wilkins, led by songwriter and vocalist Taylor Wilkins, recently released the new song, “Joni Mitchell Was Punk,” far removed from the more previous Americana-tinged stylings of the band. This has more pop grooves. It’s not about Joni Mitchell, either; it’s an examination of owning up to one’s faults.

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