Best Songs Ever… This Week 02.08.2019

KUTX host Rick McNulty spills the beans on the BEST SONGS EVER! At least for this week.

Black Pistol Fire – “Level”

Black Pistol Fire are carrying the torch for overachieving rock ‘n’ roll duos. And if you’re gonna be a duo, you’re gonna need a massively talented drummer – which they have in Eric Owen, who in my mind is one of the best drummers we have in Austin. Here’s Black Pistol Fire’s new single, “Level.”


Ben Kweller – “Heart Attack Kid”

Since we last heard from Austin’s Ben Kweller a few years ago, he and his family had a near-death experience and lived to tell about it. I imagine that gives one a new perspective on life, and this seems to be true for Ben on his new single, “Heart Attack Kid.”


Phoebe Bridgers – “Dylan Thomas”

Phoebe Bridgers is an up-and-coming songwriter who recently teamed up with folk/rock veteran Conor Oberst, who you might know from his Bright Eyes days. Together, they’re called Better Oblivion Community Center, and this is an up-tempo offering called “Dylan Thomas.”


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