Best Songs Ever…This Week 4.26.19

Taylor Wallace, Weeknight Host

The Well- “Raven”

KUTX has always had a penchant for genre diversity, and our current Artist of the Month has extended that diversity into the realm of heavy metal. The Well are psych metal done…very well. A right headbanger and a great compliment to your next acid trip, they are a force to be reckoned with. And their FREE album and beer release show is this Saturday down at Independence Brewing. From the Well, this is “Raven.”

Magna Carda- “Angels”

Moseying along to the opposite end of the sonic spectrum is the newest single from Austin’s Magna Carda. Megz Kelli and DJ Dougie Do have been carving out a space for themselves in the city’s hip-hop scene for years, seamlessly crossing over and gaining fans from all of the city’s demographics. And for good reason. Their self-called rap-meets-jazz-meets-R&B-meets electronic sound is a paragon of slick excellence. From Magna Carda’s upcoming EP, this is “Angels.”

U.S. Girls- “Treat Her Like A Lady”

AAAAAAnd finally, one of my favorite current young women doing an excellent cover of a soul classic. Megan Remy, better known as U.S. Girls, puts a cool, updated female spin on Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose’s “Treat Her Like a Lady.” And brother, heed her words. (Original track above).

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