Black History Month Profile: Sam Houston

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Black History Month Profile

Sam Houston

Singer and songwriter Sam Houston, known as the lead singer of Blk Odyssy, was raised in Plainfield, New Jersey. His dad was a roadie for Parliament and Funkadelic, and Houston grew up with a soul and funk influence while also receiving some classical music training.  He moved to Austin, Texas in 2015 to focus on his music career, where he met primary collaborator and guitarist Alejandro Rios. Rios brought the rock and roll and Houston brought the soul. They formed a band called the Blk Odyssy and last year released their debut album Black Vintage featuring the hit “FUNKENTOLOGY.”

When Sam Houston was a teenager, police shot and killed his older brother. The tragedy sparked a lot of the songs on Black Vintage. The lyrics on the album tackle racism and police brutality in America. Houston told the Austin Chronicle last year, quote “I want people to see and feel what it’s like to be in our skin. It’s a view from the inside looking out.”

Blk Odyssy has received a lot of recognition both locally and abroad. They were KUTX’s Artist of the Month in August of 2021, and were also nominated for band of the year by the Austin Music Awards. They’ve toured nationally, and last year they were even recognized by the BBC in England as an up-and-coming band. Sam Houston’s mix of soul and rock continues to push the limits on music and impress audiences everywhere. 


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