Black History Month Spotlight: Tribe Mafia

Patricia Lim
Black History Month Spotlight: Tribe Mafia / Host: Miles Bloxson

Tribe Mafia is a hip hop duo composed of Chinasa Broxton and Dashawn Daniels. The duo grew up in Pflugerville, and they came up with the first part of their name based on their cultural backgrounds- Broxton’s Nigerian roots and Daniels’s indigenous roots. The “mafia” part of Tribe Mafia came from their competitive nature on the basketball court. When they began the group, they didn’t have access to a studio, so they started recording in the bathrooms at their high school and any others that they had access to using different cellphone apps to record the sessions. They later found studio time for their debut EP, For You in 2017.

In 2018 they released the EP The Come Up. Later switching up their sound to southern trap on their album Tee Pee Gang released in 2020. The next few years found them experimenting with sounds on dancehall hits  “Hurt” and “Tempted to Touch.” 

Over the ten years of working together, the duo has evolved –not only have they been on tour with Akon. Their song  “Supposed To Do” has been featured on a CBS sitcom. The group played at the KUTX summer jam in 2022 and they will be performing at the SXSW  music festival this year. Tribe Mafia continues to experiment with their music shocking listeners with their original, authentic and unpredictable sound.

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