Concert Calendar

Each week, hundreds of musicians perform at the many venues in the Live Music Capital. To help you with your nightly plans, KUTX narrows down performances week by week.

KUTX-Recommended Music in Austin Tonight: Monday – February 22nd to Sunday – February 28th.

MONDAY – 2/22

Starting around 7pm

Jaimee Harris – 7:30pm @ Cactus Cafe

Starting around 9pm

Magic Rockers of Texas w/ Schwein & Weird Science – 9:00pm @ Hotel Vegas

 TUESDAY – 2/23

Starting around 7pm

In the Valley Below w/ Duncan Fellows – 7:00pm @ Parish

Starting around 8pm

Ephraim Owens Experience w/ Curtis McMurtry – 8:00pm @ The Continental Club Gallery

Starting around 9pm


Starting around 6pm

Jon Dee Graham w/ Painted Redstarts, Crazy Guitars of Biller & Pendley – 6:30pm @ Continental Club

Starting around 8pm

The Pines – 8:00pm @ Cactus Cafe

Black Red Black – 8:30pm @ One 2 One Bar


Starting around 5pm

Red Young & His Hot Horns – 5:00pm @ Antone’s

Starting around 6pm

Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo – 6:30pm @ ACL Live at the Moody Theater

SIMO w/ Glorious Sons & The Bluebonnets – 6:30pm @ Belmont

Starting around 7pm

America – 7:00pm @ Paramount

Whiskey Shivers w/ Seratones, Allan Rayman & Ben Millburn – 7:00pm @ Scoot Inn

Starting around 8pm

Los Coast w/ Kalu James – 8:00pm @ Continental Club

Raina Rose & John Craigie – 8:00pm @ Cactus Cafe

Starting around 9pm

Lomelda w/ Julia Lucille, Claire Morales, Dwight Smith & Cowboy Crisis – 9:00pm @ Hotel Vegas

Protextor w/ Secret Levels, Dat Boy Supa & Muggzy Flows – 9:00pm @ Barracuda

Radiation City w/ Deep Sea Diver – 9:00pm @ Sidewinder

FRIDAY – 2/26

Starting around 6pm

Leticia Rodriguez – 6:30pm @ Central Market (Westgate)

Starting around 8pm

B. Sterling – 8:00pm @ Cactus Cafe

Golden Dawn Arkestra (LP Release) w/ Riders Agains the Storm – 8:00pm @ Mohawk

MCG w/ Alex Napping, Summer Salt, Lomelda & Moji – 8:00pm @ Cheer Up Charlie’s

Bob Schneider – 8:30pm @ Antone’s

Starting around 9pm

Chipper Jones & Chris Lopez w/ Wire Nest & Tidals – 9:00pm @ Mohawk

Holy Wave (LP Release & Tour Kickoff) w/ Hidden Ritual Tele Novella, Lake of Fire, Typical Girls & DJ Al Lover – 9:00pm @ Barracuda

Starting around 10p

The Deer w/ Michael Garfield – 10:00pm @ Kiva Lounge & Bar

Harvest Thieves – 10:00pm @ Geraldine’s


Starting around 6pm

The Peterson Brothers – 6:30pm @ Guero’s Taco Bar

Terri Hendrix w/ Lloyd Maines – 6:30pm @ Strange Brew

Starting around 7pm

Dropkick Murphy’s 20th Anniversary Tour w/ Tiger Army & Darkbuster – 7:00pm @ Stubb’s

Starting around 8pm

Golden Dawn Arkestra (LP Release) w/ Annabelle Chairlegs, Dallas Acid & The Sun Machine – 8:00pm @ Mohawk

Jaime Harris w/ Sea Monsters, Brian Patterson & Carry Illinois – 8:00pm @ Sidewinder

Starting around 9pm

Kev Bev & The Woodland Creatures – 9:00pm @ Whip In

Mind Spiders w/ Manhunt, Jared Leibowich (LP Release) & Endless Youth – 9:00pm @ Barracuda

Starting around 10pm

Good Field – 10:00pm @ Geraldine’s

Kalu James w/ Ben Ballinger – 10:00pm @ Stay Gold

Starting around 11pm

Riders Against the Storm – 11:30pm @ 512 Studios

SUNDAY – 2/28

Starting around 7pm

Monolith: Music For Enchanted Rock – 7:00pm @ North Door

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