Giulia Millanta – “Coney Island”

Ever since moving to Austin in 2012 Giulia Millanta has turned the city and its bounty of talented musicians into her musical playground. That passion for musical exploration started as a kid growing up in Florence, Italy, listening to and playing Italian folk music with her father. Not content with mastering guitar, Giulia turned her attention to the ukulele and learning to sing in four languages!  Her unique bi-lingual ability and intrepid nature, has honed a style that transcends cultural boundaries and speaks strongly yet gently of universal life through her autobiographical musings.  One only has to follow the yellow brick road of her discography to know who and where she is now. In 2018 Giulia released Conversation with a Ghost produced by herself and Gabriel Rhodes. The record is recorded live with some of the best musicians in Austin like Glenn Fukunaga on bass and Dony Wynn on drums who in the past two years have also become her steady band members. It also features talents like Marc Ribot (Tom Waits) on electric guitar, Joel Guzman (Paul Simon) on accordion, John Mills (David Byrne) on horns, David Pulkingham on guitar and Kimmie Rhodes on background vocals.

Enjoy this EXCLUSIVE video premiere of Giulia Millanta’s song “Coney Island.”


11/10 @ One2One Bar


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