Haley Howle’s Top 10

1. Shovels & Rope- O Be Joyful
Cari Anne Hearst and Michael Trent completely blindsided me with this one. I cannot stop listening to this record. The songs have such a big sound, which is completely mind blowing when you realize it’s just the two of them. They’re like The White Stripes of the South.

2. Sarah Jaffe- The Body Wins
This is the Denton native’s second record, and it’s a total departure from what she’s done in the past. Less folk with more hard beats. The arrangements she and producer John Congleton put together are haunting and beautiful.

3. Santigold- Master Of My Make Believe
If you ever get a chance to see Santigold perform live, say YES! She puts on a great party, complete with dancers and props. It took her five years to release her sophomore record, but it was totally worth the wait.

4. alt-J- An Awesome Wave
This is weird when you first listen to it, but don’t let it scare you. I recently played it for my dad, and it took him about two songs to get over the shock and confusion of what he was hearing. I like them so much I hauled my butt down to Zilker Park at 11am on Sunday of ACL Fest to catch their show.

5. Dana Falconberry- Leelanau
Dana Falconberry is so lovely. I’m thrilled she’s decided to make Austin her home. If you get a chance, go see her play a secret show.

6. Bahamas- Barchords
I had never heard of Bahamas before he came to play in Studio 1A. ‘He’ is Afie Jurvanen from Canada. I’ve probably played this record in my apartment more times this year than any other.

7. Electric Guest- Mondo
Matt Reilly turned me onto this record. It’s pure dance pop. Produced by Danger Mouse.

8. Nick Nack- State Machine
Nick Nack is a local electronic music producer. I met him when we profiled him on The Loop. State Machine is such a surprising album. The samples he uses are so interesting, and his scratching skills are unbelievable.

9. Nick Waterhouse- Time’s All Gone
I love new things that sound old. This record so soulful, it makes me want to drink an old fashioned and put my hair in a beehive. Out of L.A.

10. Cat Power- Sun
Say what you will about Chan (pronounced Shaun) Marshall, but you will not sway me. I think she’s brilliant. This is her first record of new material in 6 years! I was a little nervous about it, but the material is undeniably great. This might be her best release yet.

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