Jacquie Fuller’s Top Tracks of 2017

Jacquie Fuller is our Assistant Program Director. Here are her top 5 songs of the year:


1) Broken Social Scene – Hug of Thunder

This song is an exercise in duality – it’s heavy and weightless; it restrains and explodes. Milan Kundera would probably dig it. Also, I love that Feist and the band wrote it while Kevin Drew was in another room – it feels a little subversive.

2) Walker Lukens – Don’t Wanna Be Lonely

I’ve always liked Walker Lukens, but of course Jim Eno would be the one to take me from like to love. This song is 100% groove. I want to say something deep and intellectual about it, but I only feel it in my body.

3) Spoon – Do I Have to Talk You Into It?

Okay, so yes, this is sort of “The Beast and Dragon Adored” funked-up a bit, and I want you to know that Spoon could just recycle all their old songs from here on out and I’d keep paying my hard-earned money for them. So the answer is: no, duh, you don’t, never.

4) Juana Molina – Cosoco

Locomotive, playful, weird. I just want to get high and listen to this song all day while watching back-to-back episodes of The Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made.

5) Sweet Spirit – The Power

Gary Glitter was a perv and, starting right now, this song shall replace every one of his songs at every sporting event ever. “The Power” is a feminist jock jam.

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