KUTX at Home: Holy Wave 7.23.20

Photo by Pavel Mezihorak/KUTX

Austin’s Holy Wave have been a staple in the Austin scene for over a decade. To that, the group performed at the illustrious Desert Daze festival in 2017, sharing a festival bill with Ty Segall, Iggy Pop, Ariel Pink, and John Cale. Their 2018 album Adult Fear is a paragon of the garage-psych sound that reverberate(d) through the venues of Red River and East 6th, but their fourth album Interloper finds the band taking on a lot of new textures, sounds, and creative leases, giving their sound a new, profound depth that sometimes waxes deeply psychedelic and other times beautifully ambient.

The album is also the band’s most collaborative effort and listening to members Kyle Hager and Ryan Fuson talk about the supportive and egoless nature of writing this album is admittedly refreshing. The tone of that process comes through on every track of Interloper. The album is truly a journey: an active river of garage-psych with new currents recalling Pink Floyd and the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour. I say with no reservation that Interloper is one of the best Austin albums of 2020.

I got to sit down with Hagar and Fuson to talk about the album’s conception, the Interloper tour that –  due to the COVID-19 pandemic – was cut short after only two dates, stories from tours past (remember tours?), and their Levitation Sessions livestream this Saturday via Mosaic Sound Collective.

-Taylor Wallace

Holy Wave’s fourth album Interloper is out now on Reverberation Appreciation Society.


KUTX at Home: Holy Wave 7.23.20

with Taylor Wallace

 Produced by Deidre Gott

Full interview with Ryan Fuson and Kyle Hagar of Austin’s Holy Wave

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