KUTX at Home: Jank Sinatra 7.8.20

Photo courtesy of the artist

Set the phasers on annihilate. This one’s for all the space cowboys.

The mighty Tim Crane (T Bird and The Breaks, Pope Coke) brings a new sonic frontier,  Jank Sinatra. And like the galactic explorer unloading grooves from the mothership, his latest pièce de l’espace, RumbleJunk & TalkyPop, unleashes awesomeness of interstellar proportions. Sense a theme here? I had a chat with Crane about the new album, “robots and the space time continuum,” joining the roster of local label Spaceflight Records (how apropo is that?!), the pleasure of working with friends, and a tip of the hat to the interstellar bounty hunters in a whirlwind of sci-fi, western and film noir inspiration.

RumbleJunk & TalkyPop comes out this Friday July 10 on Spaceflight Records, and it’s paired with a Jank Sinatra live stream performance at 7 p.m. (Central) on Bud’s Recording Services YouTube channel. Crane will be joined by longtime collaborator and Bud’s proprietor Sam Patlove for the performance.

 – Laurie Gallardo, KUTX host


Enjoy the full interview with Laurie Gallardo and Tim Crain of Jank Sintatra below

Hear “New Cowboys” by Jank Sinatra. ‘RumbleJunk & TalkyPop’ is out on Spaceflight Records July 10th.


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