KUTX at Home: Tkay Maidza 9.18.20

“Last Year Was Weird Vol. 2,”  the second in a trilogy from Australian Rapper and Singer-songwriter Tkay Maidza is out now on 4AD

YOUTUBE/KUTX – Tkay (Taylor Wallace) and Tkay (Maidza)

KUTX at Home: Tkay Maidza

Host: Taylor Wallace; Producer: Deidre Gott; Songs: \"You Sad\" \"Shook\" \"Real Truth\"

If I had to describe Tkay Maidza (MYd-zah) in three words they would be “Queen of Momentum.” A childhood immigrant from Zimbabwe, Tkay and her parents moved to Australia when she was a small child, moving from one end of the continent to another throughout her adolescence, a lifestyle that has informed every major aspect of her life since.

In addition to maintaining a somewhat nomadic lifestyle as she’s entered adulthood, Tkay possesses the ability to revel and put her whole heart and soul into whatever project or promotion is happening at the moment, while simultaneously thinking one or more steps ahead, and how to link the “now” to the “next.”

Seizing the opportunities offered through Adelaide’s Northern Sound System artist development program (akin to the Austin Music Foundation), she’s successfully manifested every leg of her career, from purposefully crafting releases that are as varied as her personality to landing sessions with some of her favorites in the music industry, like Jimmy Edagr.

I’ve been a big fan of hers (*cue eye-roll from everyone reading this whom I’ve talked to about her music in the last two years*) since I heard her song with J-E-T-S, and getting to talk to her was a true bucket-list interview.

PS: Watch the full interview twice. Once to engage in the interview itself, and a second time just to watch her cat on her bed.

Taylor Wallace, Morning Host

Tkay Maidza

OH MY GLOB! Tkay Maidza shows off her Tkitty – seven year old LSP – named after Lumpy Space Princess on Adventure Time!

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