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When the Blanton Museum of Art asked KUTX DJs to come up with ’90s inspired playlists for their Come as You Are: Art of the 1990s exhibit, everybody groaned. Well, everybody except for Trina Quinn. Pretty sure she still wishes it was the ’90s.  For everyone else the music of the 1990s brought back some uncomfortable memories. It was a decade aggressively searching for an identity and the music reflected it. Whether it was angsty grunge rock or bitter East Coast/West Coast hip-hop rivalries the ’90s demanded serious, sometimes angry music to cut through the malaise and manufactured good times of the ’80s. So here is our best shot at pulling together the music that helped us through the awkwardness that was the 1990s.


Jody Denberg’s ’90s Favorites

Jody Denberg is on the air on KUTX, 98.9 FM in Austin, Monday through Thursday from 5-8 P.M., and Fridays from noon-4.


Trina Quinn – 90s Pop and Country-ish

So much 90s goodness, I had to make another mixtape. Some yummy Pop and some good ‘ol Country-ish tunes here.


Trina Quinn – 90s R&B/Hip Hop & Electronic Beats

Some more music I loved in the 90s – R&B/Hip Hop and Electronic.


Trina Quinn – Rock of the 90s

Some hard rock and alt rock favorites from back in the day (and today, and forever)!


Jacquie Fuller – Big Nothing: Soundtrack to the 90s

Jacquie Fuller is the Assistant Program Director at KUTX, 98.9 FM in Austin. A San Antonio native, she recently returned to Texas after 10 years in Minneapolis.

I was 14 years old when the 90s began, and I spent most of it crushing, pining, getting my heart broken, writing bad poetry, drinking too much, eating poorly, pretending to like Nirvana, and stealing toilet paper from gas station bathrooms. I ended the 90s at 25, puking into a bucket (I came down with the flu right before New Year’s Eve.) This is the soundtrack to a decade that began with high school and ended with vomit.


Rick McNulty – Blissed-out Indie Rock of the ’90s

Rick “Daddy” McNulty hosts Left of the Dial on Friday nights in Austin. He has fond memories of buying bushels of indie rock 45s back in the early ’90s.

A fragrant potpourri of fuzzy, sloppy, and meaty indie rock of the 1990s. Some of these songs inspired thousands of slackers to start their own band.


Art Levy – Til Infinity

DJ and producer for KUTX 98.9. Your man on Sundays, 10a-2p.

It was the go-go ’90s, a time of smiley faces, bubble grunge, dial-up internet, and never ending math equations. Take a trip to the dark side: to infinity and beyond.


Laurie Gallardo -Don’t Go Back In Time: LG’s Reluctant ’90s Comp List

Don’t travel back in time. Please. Just don’t. But, if you must, make it worth your while. Rock out. Dance it up.

The ’90s. Do I have to? Well, just for this one mixtape. What you have here is a schizo array of of selections, from wired rants to danceable nightmares. Not necessarily happy times, but delightful moments to be dark and loud. No apologies. Here it is.


Elizabeth McQueen Dreams of the ’90s

Elizabeth McQueen never wore makeup in the nineties and still doesn’t today.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.


Jack Anderson – Jack Jams: 90s Edition

Jack Anderson is the Saturday Night Overnight DJ for KUTX 98.9FM. He produces instrumental hip-hop under the name Back Handerson and plays trumpet in Sip Sip.

As a huge fan of 1990s hip-hop, it was difficult to include songs from other genres. In an effort to avoid an all-hip-hop playlist, I peppered in some influential jungle, r&B, and metal. This mixtape IS explicit.


Taylor Wallace – Forever In Debt to Your Priceless Advice

Taylor Wallace produces the KUTX program Eklektikos with John Aielli, commands the airwaves herself Saturdays from 2p-6p, and writes KUTX’s SoundCheck music news segment. She hopes to someday get a Kurt Cobain tribute tattoo on the inside of her mouth.
Born in 1990 to parents who graduated high school in ’88 and ’89 while having aunts and uncles in HS through the 90s afforded me a unique lens of exposure into many tentacles of the 90s music octopus. I rocked out to Metallica and Smashing Pumpkins with my dad, grooved to ATCQ and Lauryn Hill with my Uncle Scott, and stayed up late to watch Spice World with my Aunt Mandy. The 90s: I was young, but I was there.

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