LOTD Favorites From 2016

Rick McNulty hosts Left of the Dial on Fridays, 7-11 pm. Follow him on Twitter @Rick_Daddy

When you host a regular program on KUTX, you feel like you’re being bombarded with a taco cannon shooting new songs at you on a weekly basis – you have to stay on your toes. Hosting Left Of The Dial, where I play more adventurous and sometimes “not ready for prime-time” music, means I’m faced with even more tacos blasting towards my head – it’s like having that taco cannon blast the individual ingredients at you while you have to assemble a taco on the fly.

What I’m trying to say is that I’ve got a truckload of tasty new tacos for you to try, and they’re all from 2016. Below is a Spotify playlist of my favorite tracks from this year, and though you may not dig them all, I bet you’ll find some stuff that you’d use for your own mixtape. In any case, enjoy all the new music. Whoever says that music is dead is full of beans (old crusty beans from a gas station taco).

Tune in to Left Of The Dial on January 30th for Rick’s favorite songs of 2016.

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