Matt Reilly’s Favorite Songs of 2018

Matt Reilly – Program Director

Zettajoule “No Thank You”

This is a cool earworm from the Austin duo. Lots of fun little production tricks, totally catchy and recorded on an IPhone, which is very 21st century of them. The Jetsons didn’t see this coming.

Pond“16 Days”

Australia has been churning out some great psych rock. This is a side project from members of Tame Impala and has the same feel but with more sensuality and playfulness. Some babies might get made.

Carson McHoneGood Time Daddy Blues”

I think we’ve taken solid honky tonk for granted. It was so prevalent in the 60’s and 70’s that we sorta thought it was covered. Enter Austin’s Carson McHone. She’s bringing it back. This has all the ingredients of a classic beer joint song – cheatin’, drinkin’, and a great pedal steel twinged groove.

Little Simz – “Offence”

This UK rapper doesn’t care who she offends. This is underpinned by a 70’s style funk track and feels like the soundtrack to giving the school bully a sweet comeuppance on the playground.

Will CourtneyCrazy Love”

Will’s been kicking around Austin for years now and has always had a knack for crafting catchy tunes. This one just feels like Texas. It’s rock, it’s about hard times, it’s simple and straightforward. Which ain’t easy. Hopefully it’s a springboard to bigger things.

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