From the deepest, darkest recesses arises a fire and fury so quick, bright as lightning, that it will not be stopped. And you will be compelled to listen. Welcome to the Lincoln Durham experience.

You can’t really categorize Durham’s style, except perhaps to take heed of his own description: A “Southern-gothic, scary-blues, revival-punk one-man-band,” a sonic artisan utilizing the traditional tools of his musical trade and those not so traditional, put together by his own hand or by fans who know his fiery spirit well. His music will simultaneously stir your own vengeful spirit and chill you to the bone. Everyone has their demons. Durham drags them to the surface, kicking and screaming, for all to behold.

Durham recently visited KUTX’s Laurie Gallardo for a chat about his new album, Revelations Of A Mind Unraveling, to be released March 25th, and about the deeply personal experiences that shape and drive his creative intensity, even during his darkest hours.

-Photography by Robyn Von Swank.

-Click on the MP3 below for the full interview.

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