Rick McNulty Says Goodbye To Uptown Saturday Night

Hello, Good People,

I am bidding farewell to Uptown Saturday Night. Before anyone asks, I’m telling you straight: it’s not you—it’s me. I love hosting the show, but I can’t do it the justice it deserves.

I became Music Director of KUTX during the summer of 2019 and my workload basically doubled. Between that and hosting both Friday and Saturday nights for several years, I just ran out of gas—and honestly, it’ll be really, really nice to have one of those nights free.

I started at KUT/X hosting the graveyard shift that followed Twine Time for almost a decade. When Paul Ray passed in 2016, I was honored to carry the torch to play the vintage R&B music that’s been permeating the airwaves every Saturday night in Austin for over thirty years. This won’t change, as I’m pleased to tell you KUTX’s Paul Carrubba will continue the tradition by taking over Uptown. He’s deeply familiar with the music and just weird enough to keep Saturday nights swinging.

“The most bittersweet thing for me will be burying Rick Daddy in the backyard.”

Rick Daddy

You’re in good hands.

I’m not going anywhere. I’ll continue hosting Left of the Dial on Friday nights and hustling as Music Director for the greatest station in the nation. The most bittersweet thing for me will be burying Rick Daddy in the backyard. He’s a fun guy to play on the radio—he’s a huge tipper, sharp dresser, and knows his music. I’ll see if I can reanimate him once in a while on a special occasion.

In the meantime, I have one more Uptown Saturday Night to host live and I’m pulling out all the stops. Last week I played an entire show of “answer songs,” which was years in the making. You can stream that here. My last show will be October 8th but you can always stream it online after the fact.

It’s been a pleasure being your deejay. See you around Uptown.

Uptown Saturday Night

10-01-2022 | An entire show of “answer songs,” hosted by Rick Daddy

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