Think No Think: “9-5er”

It’s the end of another week of your 9-5. You’re tired, you had to deal with morons, deadlines, and Doreen eating up your few precious, quiet minutes droning on about her cat’s fibromyalgia. Now you’ve been gifted Think No Think‘s latest video “9-5er”; your new anthem. Lines like “You scrub the dirt and sell it as new…You look so pretty with a boot on your throat,” leave little to question with this anti-corporate (anti-capitalist?), 2-and-a-half minute ball of punk, kiss-off energy. Juxtaposed with awesomely gross imagery of surgery and freshly extracted organs, what more could you want? Maybe having those organs extracted by Butthole Surfers guitarist Paul Leary. Yeah, that sounds good.

-Taylor Wallace


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