This Song: Amanda Palmer on Nick Cave’s “Magneto”

Amanda Palmer’s latest release, “There Will Be No Intermission” is a collection of devastating songs that explore her experiences with death, parenthood, miscarriage, abortion and living in this current, chaotic moment.

On this special live episode, recorded at SXSW, she explores how seeing  Nick Cave’s performance of “Magneto”  in the documentary  “On More Time With Feeling” showed her how powerful inviting an audience into deeply personal experiences could be. “The ability too walk into the dark and carefully take people with you is why we do our jobs.”

She also describes how powerful it was to see Nick Cave’s bandmates hold space for his grief in the recording studio and how liberating it has been for her own community  to hold space for her during the writing, recording and release of the new record.

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Amanda Palmer on Nick Cave's \"Magneto\"

This Song // March 20, 2019


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