This Song: Tommy Grace of Django Django // Adrian Quesada

Now who doesn’t love a Scottish accent? We at Team This Song certainly do and that’s just one of the reasons why we love this week’s episode with Edinburgh native Tommy Grace of the band Django Django.  Bask in his delightful brogue as he explains how hearing Josh Wink’s “Higher State of Consciousness” on a mixtape from Ibiza turned him from classic rock lover to a maven of post-punk and analog synths.

Also, we talk with producer, Brownout guitarist, and The Echocentrics  frontman Adrian Quesada about growing up as an only child in Laredo and how Yo! MTV Raps and 90’s hip hop excited his young mind, opened up the world of jazz and funk to him, and ultimately steered his musical vision.

Listen to Django Django’s Studio 1A Session

Watch the Echocentrics perform Canyon on VuHaus

Listen to the Echocentrics Studio1A Session

Listen to Adrian Quesada’s MyKUTX Guest DJ set


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