wil cope and the dope – “end of the bed (end of the world)”

We’re excited to premiere the video for “end of the bed (end of the world)” off of wil cope and the dope’s new album Denial River.  True to his previous work, the song sounds like a dusty tumbleweed that got hung up in a mescaline patch. And the visuals are equally out of this world. As the song title suggests, the video begins at the end of the world with waves rolling over a grainy black and white beach. From there, the visuals take us on a whacked out road trip with a traveling circus. Seriously weird stuff but somehow it all makes sense with guitarist Doug Walseth’s grainy low-fi production and Wil Cope’s slacker drawl.

Take a Wil Cope microdose with the new video then catch the full band this Friday, July 19th at Hard Luck Lounge.

video by Jacqueline Badeaux

wil cope and the dope

Wil Cope – acoustic guitar and vocals

Doug Walseth – electric guitars

Amy Hawthorne – bass guitar

Casey Seymour – drums

Recorded by Doug Walseth live in the Cat’s Eye Austin, TX 2019

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