ACL Fest 2013: KUTX DJ Picks

Laurie Gallardo, Weeknight Host
Tame Impala – One of my all-time favorites. This Perth, Australia band is incredibly addictive. So mesmerizing with classic hypnotic psych-rock grooves sounding fresh.
Queens of the Stone Age – Time to bring in more rock. Gritty and grizzly, and fit for turning the knobs up past “11.”
The National – More great songwriting from Matt Berninger and those magnificent angst-ridden melodies the band is known for, especially in their earlier work.
Franz Ferdinand – Rock and catchy keyboard-pop. Not really sure what “disco punk” is supposed to mean, so I tend to describe it as “dancey” or “danceable.” And you will be dancing.
Savages – Savagery is a beautiful thing. This London quartet intentionally crosses rock and punk wires with electrifying results. Rock’s not dead, and neither is punk. So there.


John Parsons, Saturday Morning Host
Shuggie Otis – put one of the most progressive, psychedelic soul albums of 1974, and after ducking out for almost 40 years, he’s reemerged with a solid follow-up that features an expansive collection of material spanning that absence (Wings of Love).
Widowspeak’s captivating live performances build on rural dream-pop with dark, psychedelic flourishes and singer Molly Hamilton’s haunting siren-like coo. Also, all the cute city witches will be at that set.
HAIM has been the toast of the last two SXSWs, so there’s no doubt this rocking California sister trio will be one of the bigger draws this year. With the girls’ debut album (Days Are Gone) being released less than a week before the first ACL weekend, expect them to be excited to play some of their new tunes.


Trina Quinn, Saturday Afternoon Host
Shovels & Rope – Booty shaking old time music, with some sad ballads thrown in for good measure. Singer Carey Ann Hearst flat out rocks. They recently released two covers with Third Man Records. Check out the Springsteen cover Johnny 99 and Waits’ Bad As Me, for starters.
Vampire Weekend – They’ve wooed me with their latest album, Modern Vampires of the City. I simply love their voices and melodies and I’m wrapped up in their lyrical themes, such as faith, mortality and – perhaps – God.
Depeche Mode – My very first “Favorite Band” circa 1984! My musical foundation. Innovators of electronic music. They’re still great in concert too, so don’t miss them! Passion Pit, Franz Ferdinand, Phoenix, Purity Ring, etc. will be watching along with you.
Jake Bugg – This wee whipper-snapper is only 19 years old…and, he’s great! He makes me feel like I’ve accomplished nothing in life, but I’m happy for him anyway. Check out Lightning Bolt, Two Fingers, and Country Song. He’ll have a new release in November, so I’d say, expect some new stuff live.
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Jon Spencer was Jack White and Dan Auerbach before Jack White and Dan Auerbach were Jack White and Dan Auerbach. On roids. Check out the 1996 album, Now I Got Worry and be at the show, notepad in hand.


Matt Reilly, Music Director
The Cure – Never seen ‘em and they have so many hits. How could this not be a good show? They were definitely a part of the soundtrack to my childhood.
The National – I’ve loved these guys ever since their first album. Dark and moody with great texture in their songs.
Electric Six – Excellent musicianship shrouded in silliness. This is another band I’ve been behind for a decade or so and they’re not afraid of riffing on touchy subjects.

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