Austin City Limits Festival 2014: Weekend One

Friday, October 3rd

The Head & The Heart, Temples, Lake Street Dive, and Hard Proof helped us kick off ACL Fest 2014 live at Four Seasons. Stream full sets here!

Saturday, October 4th

Wild Moccasins: Backstage Performance
The eclectic Houston band has been blazing the touring trail for sometime, joining Montreal across the country and developing their latest album 88 92 in the midst of it all. Shifting gears from their pop-infused sound, this record is laced with darker, melancholy feelings. Through a fully collaborative effort, their array of step-inducing drums and lush synths are ready for a dance floor or a midday coffee break. They put on a theatrical show, connecting with each other in a new way every night and bringing the audience along for the trip.

Spanish Gold: Backstage Performance
A product of synced up schedules, touring buddies and high school classmates, Spanish Gold’s debut South of Nowhere is a fusion of the group’s similarly influenced music minds, and their current day talents. Dante Schewebel, Adrian Quesada and Patrick Hallahan all met while working on what was supposed to be Schwebel’s solo project. The group quickly struck a common chord with their love for hip-hop, funk and MTV. As a result, their debut album South of Nowhere serves up a generous helping from a melting pot of influences.

Mike & The Moonpies: Backstage Performance
There will always be a home for honky-tonk here in Austin. Starting right off of Guadalupe at The Hole In The Wall, Mike and the Moonpies have put their nose to the grindstone, acquiring a fan base through a tour stretched across the south. Their classic country sound is refined and unwavering, and catching them at Billy Bob’s or The Broken Spoke is not a rarity.

The Rosebuds: Backstage Performance
North Carolina’s Rosebuds have veered all across the stylistic map throughout their lengthy career. Folk, pop, rock, even disco have popped up in their sound over the years, and this year’s Sand + Silence might be their finest statement yet.

Tor Miller: Backstage Performance

The 19-year-old New York native wowed us with this performance backstage at ACL Fest 2014. Armed with just a piano and his powerful voice, Miller sings about Jeff Buckley, New York and the power of the night.

Sunday, October 5th

Dawn & Hawkes: Backstage performance

Earlier this year, Austin folk duo Dawn & Hawkes captured hearts with a great Beatles cover on the NBC singing competition The Voice. They’re setting their sights on bigger things, capping off their great year with a debut performance at ACL Fest 2014.

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