Interview: Dash Donato of Sound Unseen Festival

Image: Still from Karen Carpenter (Starving for Perfection)

Sound Unseen, the Minneapolis-based music film festival, returns to Austin once again this December, and this year, they return with twice as many screenings and a couple of new elements added to this year’s run. 

This year’s line-up includes the 10th anniversary screening of the Kathleen Hanna documentary The Punk Singer as well as debut screenings of documentaries on Cyndi Lauper, Karen Carpenter, REDD KROSS; a crowd-sourced tribute to Fugazi; a history of KLOL, Houston’s trailblazing rock and roll station; and Lost Soulz, a feature film about a young rapper and his odyssey of life and self-discovery life when he drops everything to bet on himself and his music career (directed by Austin’s Katherine Propper).  

Many of these screenings are also paired with Q&As with the festival’s various directors and producers, and this year they’ve added a few new events to keep the party going. In addition to a night of Karaoke Underground (Austin’s only punk and indie karaoke party), the rappers featured in Propper’s Lost Soulz will be performing at High Noon after the film’s screening. 

Below is an interview with Dash Donato, co-producer of the Austin branch of the Sound Unseen Festival. Donato dives into this year’s films and other fun things festival goers can expect. 

Taylor Wallace-Riegel talks with Dash Donato of Sound Unseen Festival

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2023 Sound Unseen Film Festival

Wednesday, December 6

  • Let the Canary Sing (A Cyndi Lauper documentary)

Thursday, December 7

  • Born Innocent: The Redd Kross Story
  • Ghosts of the Chelsea Hotel (and Other Rock & Roll Stories)

Friday, December 8

  • The Punk Singer (A Kathleen Hanna documentary)
  • We Are Fugazi From Washington D.C.

Saturday, December 9

  • Runaway Radio (a documentary of Houston’s 101 KLOL
  • Lost Soulz

Sunday, December 10

  • Karen Carpenter (Starving for Perfection)

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