Hot Summer Nights on Red River


Thursday, July 13

Barracuda / 611 E. Seventh – Street Sects, Planning for Burial, Portrayal of Guilt, Emily Bell (record release), Blood Pumps, Blynd Birds

Beerland / 711 Red River – Nameless Frames, Sad Palomino, the Chads, David Israel

Cheer Up Charlie’s 900 Red River – Troller, Curse Mackey, Dromez, Dope Dungeon, Scorpio, Bill Converse

Empire Control Room / 606 E. Seventh – Bronze Whale, 5D, Lefty, Vena, Cody Mason, Lizarazo, Signey, Cez

Stubb’s 801 Red River – Abram Shook, Slomo Drags, Summer Salt, the Canvas People

Friday, July 14

Barracuda / 611 E. Seventh – Radioactivity, Bad Sports, Xetas, Flesh Lights, Unknown Relatives, Borzoi, Pretty Shitty

Beerland / 711 Red River – Church ov Melkarth, Canyon of the Skull, Bridge Farmers, Cortege

Cheer Up Charlies / 900 Red River – White Denim, Deep Time, the Stacks, the Diamond Center, Go Fever, Iji, Ama, Why Bonnie

Empire Control Room / 606 E. Seventh – CJ Edwards & the Funk Fellowship, the Octopus Project, Trouble in the Streets, Groove Think

Mohawk / 912 Red River – The Swift Drag, Torino Black, the Sideshow Tragedy, Jeremy Nail, My Jerusalem, the Midnight Stroll, Migrant Kids, Think No Think, Darkbird

Sidewinder / 715 Red River – Muchos Backflips!, Things Unsaid, Adventurer Like You, Seven Circles, Burning Years, Purifier, Killing Spirit

Stubb’s / 801 Red River – El Tule, Los Kurados, Cecilia & the Broken Hearts, Roleros Cosmicos

Saturday, July 15

Barracuda / 611 E. Seventh – Andrew Savage, Alex Dupree, Us Weekly, the Secret Prostitutes, Perverts Again, Dress Code, Missing Pages, Poizon, Army, Big Bill, Zoltars, Residual Kid, Young Mammals, Private Vandals

Beerland / 711 Red River – The Stabbies, Texacala Jones, Two Hoots & a Holler, Jean Caffeine

Cheer Up Charlies / 900 Red River – Magna Carda, Say Girl Say, My Empty Phantom, Sometimes a Legend, Obscured by Echoes

Empire Control Room / 606 E. Seventh – Mobley, Israel Nash, Rattlesnake Milk, Wonderbitch, Borrisokane, Yuma, Coattails, Shaws of Awe, Zeale & Nght Hcklrs, Teeta, Anya, Dre Prince, Slim Gravy, Max Wells, Jake Lloyd, Shelly Knicks

Mohawk / 912 Red River – She Sir, A. Sinclair, Chill Russell, MCG, Matthew Logan Vasquez, Mike & the Moonpies, Moving Panoramas, Letting Up Despite Great Faults

Sidewinder / 715 Red River – Glassing, Grivo, Windows 1995, Troller

Stubb’s / 801 Red River – Golden Dawn Arkestra, Capyac, Blunt Force, Flavor Raid

Sunday, July 16

Barracuda / 611 E. Seventh – Golden Boys

Beerland / 711 Red River – MoonLasso, Kolenzanka, Ruby Fray, Michael Parrallax

Cheer Up Charlies / 900 Red River – Christeene, Total Unicorn, Capyac

Elysium / 705 Red River – ’80s Night

Sidewinder / 715 Red River – Ugly Side Up, Hand-Me-Down Adventure, Calmer Seas, the Candor Campaign

Stubb’s / 801 Red River – Major Grizz, Swimming With Bears, Hours Quiet



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