Ones To Watch: Moving Panoramas

Photo by Shelley Hiam

All this week, KUTX profiles the Ones To Watch—seven must-see artists at SXSW 2019. Hosted by Jody Denberg/produced by Art Levy. Hear an audio version of this at the bottom of the page.

Austin’s Moving Panoramas broke out in 2015 with One, a record about the power of solitude. But after a trying period of personal and health issues, singer/guitarist Leslie Sisson let the messiness of life inform the new album, In Two. She sings about anxiety and depression on top of crystalline, guitar-heavy arrangements. Each song seems to change its mood with every listen.

“All these songs on this record have more than one meaning,” Sisson told KUTX’s Ryan Wen in our Studio 1A. “On One, each song was about a specific thing. And on In Two, each song is about multiple things…[but]I’m still trying to figure it out. Wait until the third record!”

In the interim, Moving Panoramas have expanded from a trio to a six-piece band. Now they’re proving how community can be bigger and better than one.

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