Phox #FSRocks 3.13.14

Six high school friends out of Baraboo, WI is how the band Phox began. But as it goes, life got in the way–college, careers, and significant others drove them each in different directions. Until it didn’t. As if by divine intervention, they all ended up back home, and eventually, cohabitating in Madison and making music. Bedroom-recorded tunes and documentary-like footage of the band surfaced garnering them quite a fan base. Their music is whimsical, bohemian, and youthful, with quirky touches like whistling and kazoo. Monica Martin’s voice is airy and dream-like, making you wonder if your feet have left the ground. It’s a perfect fit for the fresh, offbeat background instrumentation. Phox on Facebook. Phox on Twitter.

Their five tracks from Thursday’s KUTX showcase at The Four Seasons are below. Our YT video is their performance of 1936. We have a few pictures too on Flickr. Great stuff … all of it!

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